Nick has set himself the specific (and some would say laughable) target of directing a Bond film before he dies. So far, he’s on track. He has 15 years experience in the film industry directing documentaries for Ch4, BBC & Discovery. The most recent of these did feel like a Bond film at times: a $6 million dollar, true-crime, investigative documentary series called Lawless Oceans for National Geographic that successfully solved a notorious cold case mass murder on the high seas.  Nick has also made some strides towards working in narrative fiction. He’s written and directed one short film Tomoko, a Japanese inspired story that premiered on hipsters’ mecca He has also just finished two more true crime drama-docs for Investigation Discovery. He is on the BFI Network x BAFTA Crew Talent scheme 2017 and is mentored by Mat Whitecross ('Oasis: Supersonic' & 'Spike Island') through the Directors UK Inspire scheme. At this rate the target is: Bond or bust by 2040.