Log lines of completed scripts:

‘Funny Money’

When a disgruntled Government Minister buys a lottery ticket at ‘Ali’s Food and Wine’ no one expects the collapse of the United Kingdom

Comedy. Treatment stage, 2019

 'Indigo 6' 

A schizophrenic love story.

Drama, 90 mins. Second draft completed 2017.

'A Better You'  90 minutes, completed 2015.

A disfigured young man modifies his own DNA to improve his mind and body, but faces unexpected consequences.

Drama, 90 mins. Low budget, high concept.

Into the Quarter Finals of the 2015 Screencraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest  ...

Optioned by UK producers James Cotton and Daphnee Hocquard.

Short film version:

A great single-concept that’s perfect for a short film' Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, script scored 85%.

Selected for mentoring at Greenhorn Screenwriting Festival 2014

...and into 2nd round of Cinequest Screenplay Competition 2014...

'Texas for Beginners'

A teenage girl lives under witness protection with her tyrannical father on an isolated Texan ranch.  Desperate to escape, she must first solve the mystery of why the FBI relocated them both there.

Drama, 90 minutes, completed 2014.

'The emotional potential of the script is overwhelming...dialog is full of tension...conflict and drama in every scene...its low budget also makes it incredibly appealing'. Black List Reader.

'Your riveting, non-stop, Chinese puzzle box of a story is endlessly surprising and entertaining. It is complex but accessible. Your screenplay, with the right casting, could be extremely successful'. The Page Awards, script scored 77%.


A homeless woman goes to extreme lengths to find shelter.

Drama, 7 minutes, completed 2013.

Shortlisted for Kensington Shorts Fund (Dec 2014), part of Film London's 'London Calling' Scheme.

Co-produced and co-funded by Finite Films with a financial grant by The GB Sasakawa Foundation. Post Production completed April 2016.

'Yellow Submarine'

Contained thriller inside a submersible scooter.

Drama. 10 minutes, completed 2014.

Yellow Submarine is a tight, single-shot short that gets in, does its thing, and gets out. Exactly how a short should be! Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, script scored 89% and is into the Quarter Finals...